4 Amazing Female Guitarists

Nothing screams “hot” louder than a guitar being played by a rocker chic. Below, we list down 4 amazing female guitarists that sound as good as they look.

Nita Strauss and Courtney Cox

We start out with a one-two combo from the Iron Maidens, an all-female tribute band.

While with the Maidens, Nita Strauss used the moniker Mega Murray. Now, she’s with Alice Cooper’s touring band, where she replaced Orianthi (an equally awesome female guitarist). Some trivia about Nita:

  • She had played alongside Jermaine Jackson and members of Michael Jackson’s band for shows at Africa.
  • She’s also a member of the Critical Hit band, which performs arrangements of video game music.
  • She have or is endorsed by a gamut of big brands, like: Ibanez, Dunlop, Boss, Roland, Korg, and more.

Meanwhile, Courtney Cox is still with the Maidens, where she goes by the name Adriana Smith. The Iron Maidens are endorsed by GHS Strings, Jackson Guitars, Digitech Effects, and many other.

Anna Sentina

Who says that the lead guitar gets all the girls? The bass guitar does too, and in this case, it’s the hot as hell Anna Sentina.

Anna is a bassist who is very popular at YouTube. Her first most viewed video is her cover of Metallica’s Enter Sandman. It was actually her mom who introduced her to the band’s music, besides that of Black Sabbath, ACDC etc..

She’s currently not in any band right now, but is very much open to being so. Unfortunately, she seems game with collaborating with pop acts too, and has actually covered pop songs already.

Anna is already endorsed by brands such as Roland, Boss, Carvin and Kiesel Guitars and DR Strings.

The Commander-In-Chief

Step aside Lady Gaga, The Commander-In-Chief (CIC) is taking over. CIC rocks a 7 string guitar, and she does so in a militaristic costume.

She’s been hailed as “the queen of shred” and “among modern guitar gods” by major metal publications. Lately though, she crossed over to classical music and we are dying to have her back.

The Commander-In-Chief is endorsed by Ibanez, Laney Amps, EMG Pickups, DR Strings and more.

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