The Best Acoustic Metal Songs

Heavy metal on an acoustic guitar? Yup, you read that right.

But before you turn away in disbelief, you might want to take a closer look first. Below is a sample of such things called “acoustic metal songs.” Who knows, you might even actually want to buy an acoustic guitar so that you can play them. If that’s the case, we recommend the best acoustic guitar under $500 at Random Life Music. The reviews and guides there have been particularly helpful to us ourselves.

Acoustic Cover of Tool’s The Pot

The Pot is a progressive metal song by the US rock band Tool. In 2008, it topped the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart and it has also been nominated for a Grammy. Below is an acoustic rendition done by Sam Westphalen.

Sam Westphalen is a guitarist from Sydney, Australia. He’s got a good collection of acoustic covers at Youtube, with some having 3 million views. When playing, he usually also uses his guitar as a percussive instrument by hitting it a lot.

Iron Maiden on Acoustic Guitar

Iron Maiden is an English heavy metal band formed way back in 1975. Their song, The Trooper, was one of only a few that got significant radio airplay in the US. Below is an acoustic version done on a classical guitar by Thomas Zwijsen.

Thomas Zwijsen is a Belgian / Dutch classical guitarist. He first became known on YouTube because of his acoustic renditions of Iron Maiden songs. Since 2011, he has been closely collaborating with former Iron Maiden frontman Blaze Bayley.

Early last year, Thomas put out Nylonized, an album with an unusual mix of songs ranging from The Who to Adele.

An All Original Acoustic Metal Song

If you think that acoustic metal is limited to covers, then you haven’t heard of Ewan Dobson yet. Below is one of his original songs from the album Acoustic Metal II (where were you since the first came out?).

Resurrected and Discarded is Ewan’s most successful attempt at capturing the more extreme side of metal on an acoustic guitar. It is his least melodic and most complex rhythm-driven track on the album. It’s when listening to it that you finally understand why Marty Friedman involved him in the album Inferno.

Ewan Dobson is a Canadian who started out as a classical guitarist. In the Kiwanis Music Festival, he won the D’addario Scholarship, a prize given to the top classical guitarist. He is also a YouTube sensation — his Time 2 video has over 17 million hits, while the others have over 1 million.

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